People love watching videos.  In fact studies show most people would rather watch a video than have to read.  Videos also provide a low-cost to no-cost way to create a social marketing channel for your business (ie: your YouTube profile). 

Can videos lead to making sales? YouTube boasts that more than 2 billion videos are viewed and monetized each week!

Add videos to your website, blog, or social profile for additional content. Videos will be “search engine optimized”, to ensure your consumers can easily access and discover your brand.

Capture your the attention of your audience

With this in mind, New Jersey Shore Digital has selected four of the most popular video formats that appeal to your consumers, and made them available for your use. 

jersey shore chamber of commerce
5 Star Reputation-Video – Up to One Minute
Simple Description Video – Up to One Minute
Business Newsreel Video – Two to Four Minutes
Market-Based Spokesperson Video – Up to One Minute